Our Story
How It All Began

Let us Begin

When we were children we all used to love stories our parents told us. They drew you in and for a few minutes your imagination could run loose. Monsters and knights in shining armour, battles and escapades. So without further a do we would like to tell you our story, so grab a cuppa and indulge your cre8ivity. Maybe strap yourself in for this bumpy ride.

Starting a business can be a very difficult task, you will meet a lot of monsters along the way in the shape of competition, difficult clients, financial problems and inter-team disputes (not bad ones though).

We want you to imagine a 16 year old Robert, with the drive to run his own business – get away from the hassle of having to look up to someone else and listen to their orders – he wanted to be his own boss, asking his secretary (Matt Greg) to make the coffee and bring the biscuits.
More so, he loved modelling, building Lego and all sorts of geeky technology. So an idea developed to start a 3D printing business – all was going well, Robert picked up various skills along the way however hit a wall when it occurred to him that marketing in the current business climate is expensive and difficult for a fresh entrepreneur.

As you may have guessed, the solution was IsleCre8 – at first a marketing agency that slowly developed a design side along with the advertising. The idea was simple – effective, cheap advertising that can open doors for many small local businesses online (just like Robert’s 3D printing) which are worth recognising but may not necessarily have the resources to do so.
The beginning were all uphill like any new start-up. Robert had to work in his holidays for every penny to be able to afford all the necessary equipment the business required.
Of course material resources are useless without the time you put into learning how to manage them. But the road slowly started to level out – the business launched and after a shaky start was running at full pelt in Rob’s home-office.

Soon after launch another member joined the singular-Robert-team, Matt Greg, who took care of the marketing and editorial part of the business. Slowly developing into various design roles along the way. The two and a half men (Robert’s height counts for the extra half) tweaked and changed each aspect of the business. Receiving both praise and criticism, the second being far more important in many cases. Plans began to develop to build a brand new office in Shanklin, the plans succeeded and our office is completed. Hence we encourage you all to keep climbing, whatever your goal at the top.

And if you need a door or two opened, the key can be found with us. Keep Cre8ing.